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Decade of development are today high-quality business units

Practitioners for decades, has developed into the Central Plains region of a large mirror and glass deep-processing enterprises

The company specializes in producing high-quality and thickness of the mirror

Thickness from 0.7mm to 15mm thin mirror can be produced. Production of silver mirror, aluminum mirror and high-grade products deep processing of the best-selling domestic provinces and cities, while also exported to South Korea, Russia and other countries in Southeast Asia

Our company has Passed the ISO9001 quality certification system

The company introduced high-quality production equipment and product quality testing equipment, and passed ISO9001 quality system certification, and in strict accordance with the requirements of quality control glass mirror

Technical excellence, integrity management, service-oriented

Welcome new and old customers throughout the visit, and seek common development, and sincere cooperation, hand in hand for a better future.

We have a fully automated high-grade silver mirror production line, high-grade aluminum production line horizontal magnetron

A steady stream of domestic and foreign companies to provide customers with the highest quality glass mirror

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